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At Dawaai, you take charge of your best shot. We work with a flattened organizational structure and think highly of your mind! An inclusive environment, highly engaging conversations happening over coffee or tea, fun, laughter, tech and e-pharmacy go hand in hand when things are done #TheDawaaiWay
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Working at Dawaai looks like a lot of fun!

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Furquan Kidwai


We have worked hard to build a culture that is transparent and inclusive, encouraging all of us to be empowered and fearless.


Khalid Dar


Success is a journey not the destination. At Dawaai we firmly believe that our operational excellence depends on people, technology and processes. Unless we have the right people, we can’t do much with the other two.


Marylou Tanya D’Mello

Lead HR

Dawaai has been a place where I have unlearned from the past and executed with a new approach in the present. It’s definitely a place that allows you to unleash your potential, be as dynamic and open minded as possible with no set limitations. 


Junaid Jalil Khan

Head of Finance

Dawaai has an unorthodox & unique approach to look at business. Joining such an energetic young team which has decided to go against the norms, is not only challenging but also gives inner satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment.


Beenish Akhter

Senior Lead Supply Chain

Employees are always welcome to give and live creative suggestions to drive the required output. I really enjoy coming to the office.

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